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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

lunch for wednesday, july 12th

Leftover tofu fish sticks (recipe from Vegan Lunch Box) sitting on top of a quartered whole wheat tortilla, green salad with organic tomatoes and more kalamata olives, a kiwifruit, and a piece of a vegan 7-layer bar they make at my local co-op! There's tartar sauce made with organic pickle relish and grapeseed vegenaise in the small container. I'm taking another apple cinnamon bar as a snack (not pictured).

I should also mention that I bought the thermos from Laptop Lunches and it's just fantastic, as well. It keeps my water cold all day! I also like using it so much that I drink more water than I did with my dinky plastic water bottle.


Blogger Des said...

I'd like to see a picture of the thermos.

November 28, 2006


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