how do you keep the doctor away? a healthy vegan diet, of course!

Friday, March 10, 2006

menu for march 9th

after dinner
1 pc. vegan chocolate

an assortment of vegan Japanese food from our local Japanese restaurant:
vegetable tempura (broccoli, sweet potatoes, zuchinni, onions)
agedashi tofu
vegetable sushi
miso soup
seaweed salad

(this was a big dinner for us, with fried foods that we rarely eat-- but we wanted to splurge and sample the vegan stuff on the menu. One interesting thing is that the vegan stuff is less expensive than the meat stuff! Even with soup and salad for two, an order of agedashi tofu, an order of tempura, and their "vegetarian sushi" plate, the bill was only 30 bucks. Not bad for a splurge/feast!)

Luna bar
2 pc. vegan chocolate

spelt wrap with tofurkey, lettuce, tomato, and vegenaise

oatmeal with dried raspberries and mango, flaxseeds, and almonds


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